Introducing VMware Validation Solution (VVS) – vRLI Cloud Based Intelligent Logging for VCF

Introducing VMware Validation Solution (VVS) – vRLI Cloud-Based Intelligent Logging for VCF to which I have been fortunate to contribute.

What is a VMware Validation Solution (VVS)?

A VVS is a technical validated implementation, built and tested by VMware and VMware partners to help customers deliver common business use cases. VMware validated solutions are operational, cost-effective, reliable, and secure. Each solution contains a detailed design, implementation, and operational guidance.

What does the VVS include?

The solution provides information on the use of VMware Aria Logs a.k.a. vRealize Log Insight Cloud (vRLI Cloud) service with the on-premises VMware Cloud Foundation platform.

What Products does the solution include?

It includes the following products.

  1. vCF 4.5.0
  2. vCF 4.4.1
  3. vCF 4.4.0
  4. VMware Aria Logs SaaS a.k.a. vRealize Log Insight Cloud

What do you accomplish by implementing the solution?

By implementing VVS you will get recommendations for following

  1. Design ideas
    • Logical Design including various components.
    • Deployment specification
    • Network Design
    • Lifecycle management Design
    • vRLI Cloud Design
    • Information Security & Access Design
  2. Deploy VMware Cloud Proxy appliance & vRLI agents for vRLI Cloud.
  3. How to configure various components to forward logs to vRLI Cloud via Cloud Proxy
    • vCenter
    • ESXi Hosts
      • Along with log filtering to optimize the amount of log data sent to the Cloud.
    • NSX-T
    • SDDC Manager
    • Workspace One 
  4. How to configure your vRLI Cloud environment
    • Setting up Content Packs, System Alerts
    • Creating Agent Group to provide a standardized configuration.
    • Controlling User Access via UI & API
  5. Operational guidance on
    • Personas – Sample personas and their equivalent access
    • Verification – Validate the operational state of all the components in the solution.
    • Password Management


Cloud-Based Intelligent Logging for VMware vCF solution is intended for cloud architects and administrators who are familiar with and want to implement cloud logging and analytics services for VMware Cloud Foundation. The solution can be extended to support public cloud operations as well. 

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