Month: November 2012


VMware Virtual Disk Monitoring Script

Purpose To obtain the average writes (Kbps) on each of the virtual disks of Virtual Machines Pre-requisites       ·VMware  Power CLI       ·Statistics Level has to be set to Level 2 in vCenter Function ·     · It calculates Average Writes (Kbps) of each virtual disks of the virtual machine   o It…Continue readingVMware Virtual Disk Monitoring Script


VMware SRM Actual Failover and Failback

It is a five steps process for Failover and Failback 1.Protect the VMs on the Primary SiteThis is the initial step where you configure Protection Group, it protects the VMs 2. Failover the VMs to Recovery SiteWhen disaster happens we need to initiate failover from Primary Site to Recovery Site 3. Re-Protect…Continue readingVMware SRM Actual Failover and Failback