Month: March 2014


vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Installation & Configuration

Configuration Https:// Ensure you test the connection before proceeding You can store the additional VMDKs on same datastores as appliance or you can choose the datastores Once rebooted. It will have 3 VMDKs added to the Appliance. Observation. It took approx. 30 minutes for it to reboot and configure storage…Continue readingvSphere Data Protection (VDP) Installation & Configuration


Default Security Policy for Distributed Switch distributed port groups

Setup VMware vCenter 5.1 ESXi 5.1 GA build (799733) Issue/Observation We observed that one of our NIC card was not showing connected when we tried to Power ON a VM. Upon investigation we found that VM changed the Mac Address and because the default setting for the security policy have…Continue readingDefault Security Policy for Distributed Switch distributed port groups


Multi Site SRM Configuration Procedure

Some time ago I had blogged procedure for Multi Site SRM Configuration Here is the procedure with Screenshot which will give better idea Procedure Installing SRM Servers at Production site: SRM1:  ·        Install the SRM executable from command prompt /V\”CUSTOM_SETUP=1\”  ·       When it ask ’s to enter vCenter Server Address and Credentials,…Continue readingMulti Site SRM Configuration Procedure