Aria Operations for Logs a.ka. vRLICloud Platform enhances Stability & Resiliency with multi-AZ competency

For any Cloud Service, the Customers would expect it to be 

  • Resilient
  • High Available
  • Scalable

With November Release vRLICloud announced multi-AZ capability. This helps make the platform more stable & resilient. In this blog, I will try to enlighten on what exactly is this multi-AZ capability

To start with we need to understand

What is Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability of a cloud-based service to withstand certain types of failure and yet remain functional which makes the service stable & reliable.

What is Availability Zone (AZ)

Availability Zone(s) (AZs) are isolated data centers located within specific regions in which public cloud services originate and operate. Cloud computing businesses typically have multiple worldwide availability zones. This helps ensure cloud customers have a stable connection to a cloud service in the geographic zone that’s closest to them

What does the multi-AZ competency mean?

The vRLICloud service in a region is now deployed across multiple availability zones (AZs), helping the service handle AZ failures. This multi-AZ support will provide high availability of the following components

  • User Interface (UI)
  • Data ingestion
  • Alerting & Notification
  • Log Processing (Filter, Masking)
  • Log Forwarding
  • Metric Extraction & forwarding
  • Log Querying of Non-Indexed Partitions
  • Live Tail of Non-Indexed Partitions

vRLICloud Architecture

The following high-level diagram depicts how the architecture looks like for vRLI Cloud SaaS Service


How does multi-AZ help with Stability & Reliability

With the new architecture, vRLI Cloud can now sustain a failure of an AZ

  1. Highly Available Data Ingestion Pipeline across AZs which allows data to be securely sent and avoids data loss
  2. Highly Available Front end UI components across AZs which means there are no disruptions, and the service is up and running almost 100% of the time.
  3. Highly Available Control Plane across AZs which means nearly all the features/capabilities are available to the Customers
  4. Highly Available Backend for Non-Indexed Partitions across AZs which means Customers can uninterruptedly ingest & query logs for faster troubleshooting.

Now Customers can completely rely on vRLICloud a.k.a. Aria Operations for Logs for 

  • Multi-Cloud observability
  • Rapid troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Monitoring & managing data at scale


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