Create local Tanzu Kubernetes cluster using Docker Extensions


This week Docker announced Beta for Docker Extensions which included the following extensions for Kubernetes.Docker Announcement Blog VMware Announcement Blog 

  • VMware Tanzu Community Edition:
  • RedHat OpenShift: 
  • Ambassador Labs Telepresence: 
  • SUSE Rancher Epinio: 

In this blog, I will quickly spin up a local Tanzu Kubernetes cluster on Docker Desktop

What are Docker Extensions

Docker Extensions lets you use third-party tools within Docker Desktop to extend its functionality. It is available as part of Docker Desktop 4.8.0. For more details, you can refer to the documentation

Install Tanzu Community Edition (TCE)Extension

VMware TCE Extension for Docker Desktop enables developers to create and delete TCE clusters in their local Docker environment using familiar Docker Desktop. Clusters can be created with one-click ease, and be ready to use in just a few minutes

On Docker Desktop Dashboard, click on Add Extension

This will open the marketplace and show all the available extensions. You can scroll down and you will find VMware Tanzu Community Edition which you can install


It should install within a few minutes

Create Cluster

Once the TCE extension is deployed you can start creating local K8s cluster

Now you can have your coffee. It should take approx 5 minutes 



Once the cluster is created you can copy the kubeconfig and export it as variable export KUBECONFIG=./<nameofkubeconfig>

Now you can access your cluster via kubectl

kubectl get nodes
kubectl get pods -A


What Next?

Now you can use any of my helm charts to send logs to vRealize Log Insight Cloud 🙂 🙂 

Introducing vRealize LogInsight Cloud Helm Chart for Kubernetes Logs

Presenting vRealize LogInsight Cloud Fluentbit Helm Chart For TKG/Kubernetes Logs



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