Use External Links to Integrate Tanzu Observability (Wavefront) with vRealize LogInsight Cloud

In this blog, I will walk through how to integrate vRealize LogInsight Cloud from Tanzu Observability a.k.a Wavefront, Using External Links.

What is the purpose of External Links?

External links provide integration between Tanzu Observability and external systems. It helps teams drill down from a time series to a log entry in a logging system like vRealize LogInsight Cloud.

For more details, you can refer to the documentation

I have an example of Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster however it can be done with any Integration of Wavefront.

Create External Links

Login to Tanzu observability and select Browse –> External Links

Click –> Create External Link



Specify following details

  • Name & Description
  • URL Template – In my example, I have used filter “environment CONTAINS {{cluster}}”. K8s clusterName from the metric
    • {{startEpochMillis}} & {{endEpochMillis}} are reserved variable
    • {{cluster}} is the Cluster Metric

You could also use K8s Labels, Point it Time tags, etc 

Encoded URL{{startEpochMillis}}%C2%A7{{endEpochMillis}}%C2%A7true%C2%A7COUNT%C2%A7*%C2%A7timestamp%C2%A7pageSortPreference:%7B%22sortBy%22%3A%22ingest_timestamp%22%2C%22sortOrder%22%3A%22DESC%22%7D%C2%A7%C2%A7environment:CONTAINS:{{cluster}}

Decoded URL§§§AND§§§§{{startEpochMillis}}§{{endEpochMillis}}§true§COUNT§*§timestamp§pageSortPreference:{"sortBy":"ingest_timestamp","sortOrder":"DESC"}§§environment:CONTAINS:{{cluster}}

Verifying the Integration 

Navigate to Integrations –> Kubernetes

Select the Kubernetes Clusters Dashboard 

Filter  out your K8s Cluster and Select the Metric 

It will open another tab with vRealize LogInsight Cloud UI with correct filters. Time Range should also match what you had on Tanzu Observability UI. 



Once the integration is in place it enables Power Usecase of tracing the root cause of an issue in your environment. 

For more details on vRealize LogInsight Cloud, you can visit here 


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