Update Docker on VMware Photon OS using Tdnf

In my previous article (here) I presented how to install Photon OS. Docker installed as part of the ISO was version 1.11 however the latest available on Photon OS is 1.12.6
This blog post is to demonstrate the upgrade procedure using Tdnf

What is Tdnf

It is abbreviation for Tiny Dandified Yum. It is the default package manager on Photon OS.
Tdnf appears in the minimal and full versions of Photon OS. Tdnf reads yum repositories and works like yum.
The full version of Photon OS also includes yum, and you can install packages by using yum if you want
Click Here for more details


Check Current Version of Docker
Check the version of docker available to upgrade
Upgrade Docker using following command
Check the Version
Reload and Restart docker daemon to complete update

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