Unable to Protect VM with Snapshots in VMware SRM


VMware vCenter 5.5 Update 3a
SRM 5.5.1
ESXi 5.1 Update3


When trying to Configure Protection for the VM it goes till 99% after getting an error. The error details
Internal error: Received unexpected exception from multi-site operation.


We tried usual steps such as
  • Restarting SRM Service/Server
  • Ensure it is not licensing issue
  • VM Hardware version upgrade from 8 to 9

Upon log analysis we found Customer had 90 snapshots for the VM which was for SQL. Surprisingly it didn’t appear under normal place of Right Click Manage Snapshots however when we check datastore folder it appeared there


As per VMWare ESXi only supports 32 levels of snapshot on a VM however VM in question had 93 levels of snapshots, and this is making it fail to be protected on SRM.  We were able to protect VM once snapshots were consolidated

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