SRM 5.8 Express Patch Release

Site Recovery Manager fixes the following issues:
  • Port groups on specific switches are not displayed when configuring network mappings in Site Recovery Manager 5.8, when a vSphere Distributed Switch contains more than 19 port groups. 
    • This fix resolves the issue described in When configuring Network Mappings within VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager using the vSphere Web Client, Portgroups on specific vSwitches are not displayed (2091459).
  • If you use the embedded vPostgres database with Site Recovery Manager 5.8 and you uninstall Site Recovery Manager, retaining the database contents, then reinstall Site Recovery Manager, connecting to the embedded vPostgres database from the previous installation, the Site Recovery Manager installer resets the embedded database. 
    • This fix resolves the issue described in Uninstalling then reinstalling Site Recovery Manager 5.8 resets the embedded vPostgres database (2092565).
  • After performing a recovery, the Site Recovery Manager service at the recovery site stops with Panic: Assert Failed and reprotect fails. 
    • This fix resolves the issue described in During a reprotect operation VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager service stops (2085075).

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