SRM VMware Tools Time Out


 VMware vCenter 5.1 Update 2
ESXi 5.1 Update 2
SRM 5.1 Update 2


 Error – Timed out waiting for VMware Tools after XXX seconds


 One of the reasons why VM Guest startup and VM tools response may timeout is the fact the VM may be trying to update its VMware Tools on power cycle especially if the ESXi hosts on the DR site are more up-to-date than those on the ESXi hosts on the production site. In the logs we found following option set which meant it will try to Update VMware Tools while Powering ON the VM which can take good amount of time
vmfs/volumes/cdaa2352-0b8239fc/SEM-EDGE03/SEM-EDGE03.vmx:tools.remindInstall = \”true\”
Found Couple KB Article and Community discussion which includes script to automate change of the setting to all the VMs at Cluster/Datacenter Level


 To make a change manually from TRUE to FALSE for this parameter, edit the VMs settings on the production site and set the parameter \”Check and update tools during power cycling\” to FALSE (i.e. Unchecked) as follows:
Edit the VM settings > Options > VMware Tools > \”Check and update tools during power cycling\”: Uncheck

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