SRM IP Customization Error Continued


VMware vCenter 5.1 Update 2
ESXi 5.1 Update 2
SRM 5.1 Update 2


 Earlier I had written blog for IP Customization Error which I observed for which we were discussing whether to implement the work around
I also found another SRM IP Customization Error however with different Message. This time we are getting following message at Customize IP Step
Operation timed out: 20 seconds
Upon working with VMware I found that , 20 seconds timeout is used by SRM when opening a VIX connection to the VM that is about to have its IP-customized in the early stage of the IP customization process. 
This parameter tells SRM how to wait for the VIX API to open a VIX connection to the VM. 


 Increase the VIX timeout advanced setting in SRM from 20 seconds (default) to 120 seconds.  This parameter is not exposed in the SRM UI.  So it has to be added manually to the SRM configuration file as follows:
Open the file C:\\Program Files\\VMware\\VMware Site Recovery Manager\\config\\vmware-dr.xml in a text editor.
Add a vixOpenVmTimeout node, with a new timeout period in seconds. For example, to set this value to 120 seconds, edit the config file as follows:
Restart the SRM service.
We need to perform this on both the sites

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