How to Create DVSwitch using WebClient 5.1

Access the web client http://ipaddress:9443/vsphere-client and Navigate to the Distributed Switches and Click Add Button(Green Plus Sign)
It will open up the new DVSwitch Wizard
Select the version of DVSwitch. We have ESXi 5.0 so we selected the second option which is version 5.0.0
Select the Number of Uplinks. Default is 4 and Whether Default Port Group should be created or not
Confirm the settings on the Ready to Complete Screen
Now we have to Add and Manage Hosts from the Actions Menu
It will open up the Add Host Wizard
Click Add Button (Green Plus Sign) and select the Host
Select the Host and Click Next
 Select the NIC to be used as uplink for DVSwitch
Optionally you can migrate the existing Virtual Adapter to the DVSwitch. In our case we will skip it
Confirm Settings on Ready to Complete Screen
You should see the newly created DVSwitch. For our case we created the switch for testing PVLAN
Keep an eye on the next post it will be for PVLANs

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