Powershell for vRealize-Automation-Cloud aka PowervRACloud is on GitHub Now

Powershell for vRealize-Automation-Cloud is a PowerShell module that abstracts the VMware vRealize Automation Cloud APIs to a set of easily used PowerShell functions. This tool provides a comprehensive command-line environment for managing your VMware vRealize Automation Cloud environment. It is a.k.a PowervRACloud
I started this as a fling and now I have decided to Open Source on Github. Any Contributions are welcome 


# Pre-requisites 

You need to have following pre-requisites

1. vRealize Automation Cloud API Token
2. PowerShellVersion = \’6.0\’

# Manual Download

It is a simple two-file module stored under the module directory.

  1. PowervRACloud.psd1
  2. PowervRACloud.psm1

To install it, download above 2 files to a PowerShell enabled machine and navigate to the folder and execute the following command

Import-Module .\\PowervRACloud.psd1

# Getting Started

Quick Examples on how to get started

| Example-1  |
| ————- |
| Connect-vRA-Cloud -APIToken \”APIToken\” |
| Example-2  |
| ————- |
| Get-vRA-CloudAccounts|

# Documentation

You can download the documentation file which has instructions for every command

# Contribution

You can use the following methods or you can reach out to me via twitter

  1. Bugs and Issues – Please use the issues register with details of the problem.
  2. Feature Requests – Please use the issues register with details of what\’s required.
  3. For Code contribution (bug fixes, or feature request), please request fork of the Project, create a feature branch, then submit a pull request.

# License 

Powershell for vRealize-Automation-Cloud is licensed under GPL v2.

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