My First Fling – PowervRACloud

PowervRACloud is a PowerShell module that abstracts the VMware vRealize Automation Cloud APIs to a set of easily used PowerShell functions. This tool provides a comprehensive command-line environment for managing your VMware vRealize Automation Cloud environment

This module is not supported by VMware and comes with no warranties expressed or implied. Please test and validate its functionality before using this product in a production environment.


You need to have the following pre-requisites

  1. vRealize Automation Cloud API Token
  2. PowerShellVersion = \’6.0\’

Module Installation

Unzip the downloaded file. It includes 3 files

  1. PowervRACloud.psd1
  2. PowervRACloud.psm1
  3. PowervRACloudDocumentation.html

To install it, download it to a PowerShell enabled machine and navigate to the folder and execute the following command

Import-Module .\\PowervRACloud.psd1


You can view PowervRACloudDocumentation.html which has instructions for every command but here\’s a quick example on how to get started


Connection to the vRA Cloud Platform

The API of vRA Cloud requires you to login to the Cloud Platform VM first


Use Read-Host Command and enter your API Token as Secure String
$APIToken = Read-Host -AsSecureString


Execute the Connect-vRA-Cloud command and pass the API Token as Input Parameter
Connect-vRA-Cloud -APIToken $APIToken
After logging in and starting a session, you can start doing information calls to vRA Cloud

Get-vRA-CloudAccounts | Format-Table

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