Log Intelligence Introduction and Getting Started


VMware Log Intelligence is one of many SaaS offering as part of  VMware Cloud Services

It offers unified visibility across private clouds and AWS, including VMware Cloud on AWS, to provide deep operational insights and faster root cause analysis. It adds structure to unstructured log data, provides rich dashboards and delivers innovative indexing and machine learning based intelligent grouping for faster troubleshooting.

You can refer Technical FAQ for more details Click Here

Getting Started 

As you would have understood by the diagram , first step is to deploy Data Collector and configure systems to start forwarding logs to the same.

What is Data Collector

I like to call it as Gateway device between Private Cloud and VMware Cloud Services including Log Intelligence. It is a Virtual Machine which system can be configured to forward logs via syslog or CFAPI


Before you can download OVA or deploy AMI you will need to request access to Log Intelligence ( Request Access)

Deploy OVA

  • Log in to VMware Console using your Credentials
  • Navigate to Data Collectors Page and ADD NEW
  • On Setup, a Data Collector Virtual Appliance, Click \”DOWNLOAD OVA \” or Copy LINK if you plan to deploy directly in VC instead of downloading

  • Navigate to your Web Client and Right Click where you want to deploy and select Deploy OVF Template
  • Fill details need in the wizard, including the One Time Key (OTK) listed in Setup a Data Collector Virtual Appliance
  • Once deployed, you will need to Power ON the VM
  • Once Powered On, Please wait for a couple of minutes before it does its magic. You can navigate back to Data Collectors Page and validate once it shows up with Green tick mark means its Ready

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