VCSA 6.5 Installation

In this post I will share the installation procedure for the GUI deployment
It includes a series of two stages. 

Stage 1 – OVA Deployment

The first stage walks you through the deployment wizard to choose the deployment type and appliance settings. This stage completes the deployment of the OVA file on the target server with the deployment type and appliance settings that you provide

Stage 2 – Appliance Setup

The second stage walks you through the setup wizard to configure the appliance time synchronization and vCenter Single Sign-On. This stage completes the initial setup and starts the services of the newly deployed appliance.

Installation Observations

I thought of sharing what I observed during installation in advance before starting the deployment and setup. I got Install failure – VMware Identity Management Service error on first boot in Stage 2 of installation
For lab I have never used host name for VCSA and always used IP as the hostname and Gateway as DNS. It has worked till 6.0 U2 however it caused the error I mentioned above. When I researched I landed up to following community post
As a work around I tried following
  1. Left FQDN field blank as it is says its optional it should take IP as the hostname – Failed                                                         It took localhost as the hostname and I got the same error for VIDM
  2. Use DHCP for IP Address without DNS – Success
  3. Use DNS Server IP as itself (i.e. same IP as VCSA IP) – Success                                                                                             Community Thread has a work around mentioned by VMware Support however that would require manual intervention which will not go well with automated installation in lab

Stage 1 – OVA Deployment

Mount the ISO as CD-ROM and navigate to the folder “vcsa-ui-installer\\win32” and click installer.exe
It will open up the installer and you can choose Install the VCSA
As this is for our lab environment I have chosen as embedded PSC however when deploying in Production you should choose the appropriate
I have chosen Deployment Size as Small as it is my lab howeer in Production it should depend on your environment
Note – Please refer the observations section of my post to see what errors I came across
Once you have the above screen means it is completed the Deployment Stage and the 2nd Stage will start i.e. Appliance Setup

Stage 2 – Appliance Setup

I noticed that it took about 20-25 mins to finish and you should be able to access using web client
In next post I will show the proceudre how to install Embedded VCSA using CLI Installer

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