Nested ESXi Installation

Enable SSH to the Physical ESXi Host
Login using root
Execute following command
echo ‘vhv.allow = “true” ‘ >> /etc/vmware/config
Now we need to modify the security Settings for the Port Group which is going to be used for the virtual esxi and make Promiscuous Mode as \”Accept\”
Now we need to create the VM. We need to take care of following
Virtual Machine Version should be 8
Guest Operating System should be \”Other (64- bit)\”
CPUs should be 2 virtual sockets 2 cores per socket for ESXi 5.1 or above
RAM should be 4 GB
2 NIC for redundancy with E1000
HDD should be 1 GB or above
Once the VM is created then Right Click and go to Edit Settings –> Options and change the Guest Operating System. You should be able to VMware ESXi 5.X
Ensure CPUID Mask is set to Expose the NX/XD flag to guest
Mount the CD/DVD with ESXi Install and you should be able to boot with ESXi Installer once you Power ON

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