Best Practices VMware SRM

We have faced lot of issues while performing failover (Test/Actual) due to timeouts and others. We have now standardize the configuration.Below mentioned are the values we configure it to avoid issues.
VMware vCenter 5.X
VMware SRM 5.X
Protocol – FC/ iSCSI/NFS
Configuration Steps
Step 1) Login to vCenter server using VMware vSphere Client
Step 2) Click on Home – Site Recovery
Step 3) A pop-up will be prompted for user name and password to connect to Production site vCenter server. Enter the user name and Password and click OK
Step 4) Click on Sites to see both Production and Recovery Sites
Step 5) Right Click on recovery site and click on Advanced Settings
Step 6) Change the following values accordingly
  • storage.commandTimeout – 1800 sec
  • recovery.powerOnTimeout – 1800 sec
  • storageProvider.hostRescanRepeatCnt – 3
  • storageProvider.hostRescanTimeoutSec – 1800 sec
  • recovery.customizationTimeout – 1800 sec

 Step 7) Repeat the step 6 for Production site advanced settings
Step 8) Click on Recovery Plan – Virtual Machines – Right click on VM and click on configure – Startup Actions
Step 9) Change the following value
  • Wait for VMware Tools Timeout value to 30 minutes.

 Step 10) If the volumes are NFS and more than 8 are replicated and being mounted to ESXi. Follow the below steps to modify ESXi Advanced Settings
Step 11) Click on Home – Hosts and Clusters – Click on ESXi host – Configuration – Advanced Settings
Step 12) Change the following values accordingly
  • NFS.MaxVolumes – 256
  • Net.TcpipHeapSize – 32
  • Net.TcpipHeapMax – 128

 Step 13) Follow the step 11 and 12 for remaining hosts in the cluster.

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