SRM Array Pairs Devices doesn\’t detect source volumes

We were facing issues while enabling Array Pairs in SRM 5.0 . PFB screenshot for the same. We performed following steps
VMware SRM 5.0
NetApp FAS 3070 vfiler
NetApp SRA 2.0.1
\”Internal error: std::exception \’class Dr::Xml::XmlValidateException\’ \”Element \’SourceDevices\’ is not valid for content model: \'(SourceDevice,)\’\”.\”
This is a bug confirmed by NetApp, Bug ID: 642115
The simple workaround is to either add the volumes manually in the include list or fall back to SRA 2.0.0

2 thoughts on “SRM Array Pairs Devices doesn\’t detect source volumes

  1. SRM Array Pairs Devices doesn't detect source volumesI have also same issue on SRM Storage not discover with NetApp Storage…VMware SRM 6.1NetApp FAS 2240NetApp SRA 2.0.1It is given below error massagesInternal error: std::exception 'class Dr::Xml::XmlValidateException' \”element 'SourceDevices' is not allowed for content model '(Source

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