NetApp Data ONTAP Edge VSA

NetApp Data ONTAP Edge is a low-cost remote office storage solution that runs on the VMware vSphere platform. Designed to complement NetApp FAS and V-Series storage solutions, Data ONTAP Edge allows you to build a data center on an enterprise server using the VMware vSphere platform. Data ONTAP Edge converts the server’s internal disk drives into a flexible storage platform, giving you many of the same benefits as a dedicated NetApp storage system. 
Data ONTAP Edge includes the NetApp Data ONTAP operating system, whose native data de-duplication and FlexClone, SnapVault and SnapRestore software leverages your central site’s NetApp storage system for data backup, data recovery, and archiving of remote-site data. The result is that your remote offices can participate in your shared IT infrastructure with the same levels of efficiency and flexibility that Data ONTAP provides in your data center.
If you need to recover your branch office data, SnapRestore software uses local Snapshot copies to recover entire file systems or data volumes in seconds, regardless of capacity or number of files, via a permanent connection to your central site.
You\’ll need a NetApp NOW account in order to get the software and documentation:

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