Add Host to vCenter Server 5.1

Access the web client using following link
https://<IPAddress: 9443/vsphere-client>
àEnter the credentials. Default credentials are root and vmware
You would see following screen
Click vCenter. It will display following screen
Click vCenter Servers and It will display the vCenter Server
Right on the Server Name and Click New Datacenter
Specify the Datacenter Name
Once the Datacenter is created it will display following screen
Click on Actions
It will open the Add Host Wizard. Specify the hostname or IP of the Hosts
Specify the Host Credentials
Trust the Host for Certificate Warning
Once the details are validated it will display Host Summary details
Assign License Page. We are using evaluation version
Enable Lockdown mode
Specify the Location in the Datacenter
Verify Details on Ready to Complete Screen and then Click Finish
It will add Host task in Recent Task
It will display the Host Details

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