VMware SRM Configuration

Following steps demonstrates the Configuration of SRM 5.0 Server.

Connect the Sites

You will be presented with Certificate Warnings. You need to install the certificate so that it doesn’t prompt you next time

Setup Inventory Mappings

Resource Mappings

Highlight the ISLAB Cluster à Click on Configure Mapping

Folder Mappings

Highlight the ISLAB – PA Datacenter à  Click on Configure Mapping

Network Mappings

Highlight the VM Network à  Click on Configure Mapping

Placeholder Datastore

Configure Array Manager

We need to specify the Array Details which are Recover Point details. We need to configure for both the sites i.e. Protected Site and Recovery Site

Protected Site

Recovery Site

Enable Array Pairs

We need to enable Array Pairs once the Array Managers have been added

Create Protection Group

Once you click Finish it will automatically protect the VMs which were part of the Database Groups.

Create Recovery Plan

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