Virtual Machine Creation

1.       When you will click on the vSphere client icon on the client machine you have to enter the IP address of the ESXi host, username and the password for the authentication. Then you will login into the ESXi host. If you are using the vSphere client to connect to the vCenter directly you have to enter the IP address of the vCenter server instead of ESXi host.
2.       Right Click on the Host and Select New Virtual Machine
3.       You can create a new virtual machine using the common default settings or customize the options .The Typical path shortens the process by skipping some choices that rarely need changing from their defaults. The Custom path provides more flexibility and options.
4.       The name you enter is used as the virtual machine’s display name in the inventory. It is also used as the name of the virtual machine’s files. If you have created the folders in the inventory then you need to select the particular folder of which the virtual machine should be the part of.
5.       Select the Datastore where the VMs needs to be created 
6.       Select the VM Hardware Version.Default for vSphere 5.0 is Version 8
7.       Select the Operating System which needs to be installed
8.       Specify the number of CPU’s
9.       Specify the RAM
10.   Specify the network 
11.   Specify the SCSI Controller. Defaultis LSI Logic SAS
12.   Select the Disk. Default is Create New Disk
13.   Specify the disk capacity 
14.   Specify the advanced options 
15.   Verify the setting in Ready to Complete Screen. Click Finish
16.   Once clicked Finished it will create new Virtual Machine 

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