Customization Specifications Manager

When you clone or deploy a VM from a template, you can customize the guest operating system of the VM to modify properties such as the computer name, network settings, and license settings.
Customizing guest operating systems can help prevent conflicts that can result if virtual machines with identical settings are deployed, such as conflicts due to duplicate computer names.
1.       In vSphere Inventory Click Home –> Customization Specifications Manager–>New
2.       Specify the Owner Details as you would normally do when you install the Windows OS
3.       In this Step you have to specify the Computer Name. There are 4 Options
a.       Specify the Name Manually
b.      User Virtual Machine Name
c.       Ask the User When Deploying Virtual Machine
d.      Generate Random Name using Script 
4.       Specify the licensing Information
5.       Specify the password for the Administrator Account
6.       Specify the Time Zone for the Windows OS
7.       If you want to run a Command/Script you can specify it here. Example would be Logon Script
8.       Next in line is Network Settings. There are 2 Options
a.       Typical Settings
b.      Custom Settings
9.       First Network Settings is NIC. You can configure NIC Properties
10.   Second Network Settings is to Specify the Domain/WorkGroup Settings
11.   Next in turn is Generate New Security ID (SID)
12.   Review the details and confirm to Create Customization
13.   Once it is created it can be used when deploying VM 

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