Cisco UCS Power Tool

UCS PowerTool helps to integrate, automate, and orchestrate all aspects of UCS management including network, storage and hypervisor management with their existing IT management processes.UCS PowerTool is a flexible and  powerful command line toolkit that includes more than 100 PowerShell cmdlets providing an efficient, cost effective and easy to use interface to integrate and automate UCS management.
Key Features include: 
  • Stateful Connection management to multiple UCSM systems
  • Service Profile Management (create/modify/delete/associate)
  • Log viewing/management
  • Server Power Management
  • Full Inventory Management
  • Raw XML input/output capability 
It also includes standard PowerShell functionality:
  • Fully Object Based
  • Command Pipelining Support
  • Inline help (get-help) support
  • Standard verb implementation

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