vCenter 5.0 Installation

1. Run the Setup (VMWARE-VIMSETUP-ALL-5.0.0-456005) & Select vCenter Server

2. Once the Setup Wizard pop’s up Select Next to Continue

3. Click Next for End User Patent Agreement

4. Click Next for License Agreement

5. Specify the Customer Information and Click Next

6. Select SQL instance to be used for the installation. We have selected SQL 2008 Express Instance

7. Select the Service Account to be used for installation

8. Select the Folder for it needs to be installed.

9. Select the Linked Mode Option. As this is our first instance of vCenter we will install standalone

10. Specify the Ports to be used. For our purposes we will leave it default

11. Specify the Inventory Ports. We will leave default for our purposes

12. Select the Memory Configuration for JVM

13. Install vCenter with all the setting specified. Click Install and let it go for 15-20 mins

14. Once installed Completed Click on Finish. It doesn’t require reboot on Server 2008 R2

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