VMware Horizon App Manager

VMware Horizon App Manager is a pay-for subscription service from VMware ($30 per user, per year) that allows you to extend your \”on premise\” identity (like Active Directory) out to all your external cloud/SaaS apps. When you sign up, VMware gives you a \”Horizon Connector Virtual Appliance\” (in OVA format) which you run yourself which acts as the bridge between your on-site AD (or whatever directory service you use) and the VMware Horizon cloud service which talks to all the external SaaS providers.

The basic workflow with Horizon is that admins spend some time up front configuring all the various SaaS/web/cloud apps that anyone in their company might use. Then moving forward, they \”provision\” an app to a user via a Horizon-based management tool which essentially has checkboxes to configure which users (or groups, etc.) have access to which SaaS apps. Admins can configure it so that users can provision themselves for new apps via an app catalog, or they can make it so that users would call the helpdesk and someone there would grant access to a new web app by checking the box.


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