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Automate PowerCLI Install using Powershell

I had a requirement to automate PowerCLI installation with minimal manual involvement possible I found the syntax mentioned below from Here Prerequisites Download and Copy the executable to shared location Ensure the access is configured Install PowerCLI Syntax Set-executionPolicy RemoteSigned -Confirm:$false -force Write-Host \”Installing PowerCLI\” $myargs = $myargs = \’/q…Continue readingAutomate PowerCLI Install using Powershell


VMware Virtual Disk Monitoring Script

Purpose To obtain the average writes (Kbps) on each of the virtual disks of Virtual Machines Pre-requisites       ·VMware  Power CLI       ·Statistics Level has to be set to Level 2 in vCenter Function ·     · It calculates Average Writes (Kbps) of each virtual disks of the virtual machine   o It…Continue readingVMware Virtual Disk Monitoring Script



Just wanted to share couple of 1 liners related to Snapshots listing and deletion List all the Snapshots————————————– Get-VM | Get-Snapshot Delete all the Snapshots—————————————— $snapshot = Get-VM | Get-SnapshotRemove-Snapshot -Snapshot $snapshot -RemoveChildren -Confirm:$False